New To Motocross? Here Are 5 Key Pieces Of Apparel And Gear You Need

Before you hit the track on your motocross bike, it's important to make sure you have the right apparel and gear. Not only will this help keep you safe while you're riding, but it will also help you look the part. Here are five key pieces of Motocross apparel and gear that every rider should have. Helmet Perhaps the most important piece of gear for any motocross rider is a good helmet. [Read More]

Tips For Repairing Your Fiberglass Boat: What You Should Know

As a fiberglass boat owner, it's important that you understand the proper techniques for assessment of damage and the right repair steps, too. Fiberglass boats need proper attention, especially if they're damaged, because any kind of water penetration can put the boat at risk of sinking. You need to be sure that your boat is in good condition at all times to keep it seaworthy. Here are some of the things that you need to understand before you dismiss that fiberglass body damage as no big deal. [Read More]

Why You'll Appreciate A Side By Side With A Roof

Your local side-by-side dealership carries a wide selection of off-road vehicles with different designs. When you visit and browse your options, you'll see several side by sides that have an open roll cage overhead, while others have a roof over the cockpit. A lot of people favor the former style, as it feels more open and they can enjoy the feeling of the sun on them while they ride. It's worthwhile, however, to consider the merits of having a roof on your side by side. [Read More]

Purchasing An UTV? 2 Accessories You Should Purchase To Go With It

If you are purchasing a utility terrain vehicle (UTV), there are some accessories that you should purchase to go with it. Below are two of these accessories so you can enjoy your new UTV even more. Windshield The type of windshield you choose for your UTV will depend on how you use it. There are windshields that are full or half, as well as windshields that flip out or up. The full windshield is much like a car windshield in that it covers the entire front of your UTV. [Read More]